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Erin Beierwaltes

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Erin Beierwaltes counts herself lucky to have found a passion in the agile and organizational cultural movement.

Through a mix of system theories, cultural principles and business practices, Erin partners with businesses to find the right balance of product, process and people, to create a responsive and adaptive learning organization.

Erin has been working on organizational development for over 10 years, working with established Product companies and startups, to adopt “just enough” formal approaches to support high paced growth and change. She believes strongly in addressing the combination of product discovery (figuring out what to build), process (how to set up processes to build high quality products quickly), and people (how to create a great culture) to reach organizational level agility.

If you don’t find her someplace consumed in organizational culture, then due to her wanderlust, it might be because she temporarily took a break to partake in interesting cultural adventures like, learning to be a mahout (elephant driver) or visiting a monkey training camp.





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